This page provides an overview of the elements of the platform. On your first visit, to get a firm idea on what the platform is about, it is suggested to check out the different pages in the order as described below.

  • Calls
    Calls are the key elements on the platform, they represent an certain action based on a certain intention. Before starting an in-depth read about Calls, it might be a good idea to first take a look at some Calls currently offered to get a broad picture.
  • Concept
    Before actually doing any Calls, it is a good idea to learn more about the concept behind the Calls. Read about their nature, their different types, their consequences, and what can be done to increase their manifestation power. If you don't feel like doing a big read and just want a quick overview on what the platform is about, read the summary.
  • Reality
    The content of the Calls imply an existing spiritual reality, in which the laws of consciousness determine the origin and focus of manifestation, and in which we are primarily multidimensional, eternal spirit beings, and secondary humans. And in which we are definitely not alone. To assure the purity and safety of the Calls, the platform stresses the importance of only calling Beings embodying Christed Consciousness.
  • Inspiration
    Have become curious? Want to know more about other people doing Calls and their experiences? Check out the World Map to see where Calls are being made, the messages people left when doing their Calls, the experiences people sent in to share, the statistics to see how many Calls have been made so far, and stay up to date with the news blog with messages from both the material and spiritual world!
  • Experiment
    You came all this way, why not try doing a Call? :-) Want to contribute to good causes? Want to grow spiritually? Want to see Earth change into a paradise? Please do understand doing Calls requires faith, perseverance, and patience. If you possess clearvoyant or intuitive skills, or sensitivity to energy sensations, you might have instant experiences. Otherwise, be faithful and patient, and KNOW your Calls are registered, and do set energy in motion.
  • Participate in Timed Calls
    If you feel like, you can participate in the timed Calls, see the Agenda. In timed Calls, we set our intention on a specific subject together, simultaneously. Like global meditations, but more focused, and costing less of your time.
  • Subscribe
    Want to be kept uptodate on viral and timed Calls? Subscribe to the Call Alert, and receive them in your inbox!
  • Join
    In case you feel inspired to do more than doing Calls, to help us reach more people, connect!