On this page we give thanks to those who are contributing and have contributed to the realisation of this project.

We Thank Great Spirit, and all Beings of Light who register and respond to the calls that are made via this platform and via any other method. We Thank Mother Earth for her service, endurance, compassion and patience with Mankind. We Thank all Elohim, Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters for their involvement on Earth in this time of great transformation.
We Thank all people from all over the world participating in this initiative, doing their Calls, empowering them and spreading the news about the existence of this platform to further increase the power of collective intent.
We Thank all listed Sponsors, whose hearts lead them to contribute financially to make the upholding and expansion of this platform possible, without expecting big return or exposure.
We Thank all contributing Lightworkers who have freely made available their Calls on this platform, using their knowledge, inspiration and spiritual communicative skills.
We Thank all Volunteers helping out in the running of this platform through communication, marketing, administration, translation, tech support, etc..
We Thank the Open Source Community, without their efforts this platform surely would not have been realized. Let us not underestimate the importance of information technology and its practical relationship with the rising and unifying of collective consciousness.