Merkaba Activation

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Prologue (please read first)

If you have not heard of it yet, it is a good idea to study sacred geometry, the structural building blocks of Creation. Read about the Flower of Life in the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek and Nassim Haramein from the Resonance Foundation. Read about activating the merkabah vehicle, as it is an integrated lightbody of a 5-dimensional being. You can ask your own I AM THAT I AM to (re)activate it, but it will only be activated to the point one can handle in terms of love and 5D frequency integration. Watch a nice visualization of the Merkabah activation meditation which many people have done here: . You can request it to be activated for you by your own higher being, but be sure to use the clause as your own higher being will know and do what is best for you at this time.

Repeat it as much as you like, repetition helps empowering and clearing these geometric fields. Is it your first time ever, then consider waiting a while (like a few weeks or whatever your intuition tells you) with repeating it and doing other powerful healing practice, and give extra attention to your grounding, to give your newly integrated geometry the time to settle.

The Call

(It is suggested to at least read the Call out loud once before setting the intent. Repeat it 3 times to make the invocation a decree and increase its power)

Click for Safety Pre-Call
I first call my I AM Presence, and request my I AM Presence to protect my sovereignty during this Call and to assure that the Call I am about to do, is only manifested as far as serving the highest good of all concerned.

Merkaba Activation

I call my I AM THAT I AM,

I call my I AM THAT I AM, and ask to anchor and activate my full 5th-dimensional consciousness, to the greatest extent possible.

I call my I AM THAT I AM, and ask to first ground me to the greatest extent possible.

(stay still for 30 seconds)

I call my I AM THAT I AM, and ask to the highest extent possible and fruitful at this time, to NOW activate my Merkaba vehicle!

(stay still for at least 5 minutes and feel its effect)

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