13 Ray Healing

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Contributed by:  Callingheaven.org

Prologue (please read first)

The new 12 ray system now is emerging on Earth, and is balancing masculine and feminine energies. The overarching 13th diamond ray is bringing in Divine Truth, breaking down illusions in ourselves, our view of reality, and unavoidably changing the way we organize our society, our science and our religion. Of course we can also call upon the individual colors and feel free to do so, but you can be sure the Christed Beings know better than us which colors and frequencies are the most fruitful at any given time on our individual paths.

The Call

(It is suggested to at least read the Call out loud once before setting the intent. Repeat it 3 times to make the invocation a decree and increase its power)

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I first call my I AM Presence, and request my I AM Presence to protect my sovereignty during this Call and to assure that the Call I am about to do, is only manifested as far as serving the highest good of all concerned.

13 Ray Healing

I call forth the Lords of Karma, and the Ascended Masters and Archangels connected to the 13 rays present on Earth at this time.

I call forth the Lords of Karma, and the Ascended Masters and Archangels, and ask for a powerful, transformative healing with the right mix of colors and frequencies of the 13 Rays, serving my highest purpose and soul path at this time.

(wait for at least 3 minutes)

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