Absorbing the full concept of the platform is quite a read, this summary serves to get a quick overview of its main aspects. All highlights mentioned below are discussed in more details in the pages under "concept".

  • This platforms serves to collect positive intentions, as they fuel the direction of our manifesting consciousness towards positive creation, both individually and collectively. The platform also offers many spiritual tools to heal and transform our consciousness, our energy field. Read the mission statement to learn about all the platform goals.

  • The platform makes heavily use of intentions through invocations, decrees and prayers to invite higher-dimensional beings from the Spirit world to help us. Not to do our evolving for us, but to assist us. These intentions, in the form of Calls, focus primarily on our own higher being and beings that have attained christed consciousness. This is not about religion, but about mechanics in multidimensional reality, that say that (at least) 7th-dimensional crystal consciousness is clear and loving enough to serve selfless, instead of selfish.

  • One of the most important laws of this universe, is the Law of Free Will. Which means help from higher dimensions, to aid in our evolution, can only come by invitation. The Calls on the platform serve to help us in this endeavour.

  • Calls are organised into types and categories. Service Calls serve the collective, Support Calls serve the individual. Calls (and intentions) can be empowered in many ways, increasing their manifestation power.

  • The Earth changes, The "Ascension Process", the fast rise in consciousness, is very real and is causing much change, within ourselves, within global society, and within nature. Divine Truth is coming to Earth, and is shaking and waking us up.The negative effects and suffering as a result of this process can be lessened by invoking the Spirit World to assist us.

  • The platform organizes Timed Calls, these are like global meditations, taking a moment in our busy lives to set our intentions, and call the lightbeings to bring us a step closer to the paradise Earth is meant to become. Check the agenda for these Calls.

  • Through the use of totals, statistics, tweet-like messages, geolocation of performed Calls, sharing experiences, blog articles, related channelings, and videos (later), the platform seeks to make an inspiring, interactive, multidimensional experience, much more than just information and a list of invocations.

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