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Prologue (please read first)

Lets send our love to the people in Syria and the countries surrounding Syria, to ease the fear and suffering there.
Metaphysically speaking, warzones obviously are places of highly unbalanced energy. This energy caused by conflict and low-vibrational emotions such as fear and hatred isn’t just present within the people, but also as a huge cloud of energy floating in the area of conflict. Both above surface and increasingly below surface, cutting off solid grounding, which is necessary for change and more easily receiving the healing love energy from the Earth Mother.

It is an effective method to not just send love to the people, but specifically to this energy cloud. Since we do not and the Angels and Masters do have the overview and right perspective on this cloud and its negative hotspots, it is wise to not directly send the energy, but let them direct your love energy (and their own on our request) to the right places, and transform the cloud from the bottom up, frequency wise.

Do this for at least a few minutes with full heart-centered concentration.

The Call

(It is suggested to at least read the Call out loud once before setting the intent. Repeat it 3 times to make the invocation a decree and increase its power)

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I first call my I AM Presence, and request my I AM Presence to protect my sovereignty during this Call and to assure that the Call I am about to do, is only manifested as far as serving the highest good of all concerned.


I call forth my I AM THAT I AM, all Ascended Masters, all Archangels and all Angels involved in Earth evolution.

I call forth my I AM THAT I AM, all Ascended Masters, all Archangels and all Angels involved in Earth evolution, and I ask them to direct their love energy and my own love energy to the area of conflict in Syria and surrounding countries.

I ask them to direct this love energy to the areas that need it the most, transform the existing cloud of negative energy above and below surface, and use any and all colors and frequencies needed to soften and neutralize the negative energies in the area.

I also ask them to send this love energy to all people in the area, willing to receive it, especially victims and children.

I also call forth the Earth Mother, and ask the Earth Mother to send her core love energy to the region and restore its grounding as much as possible.

Thank you.

(keep visualizing sending your love from the heart, and trust the Lightbeings directing to the right places)

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