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ascension VIRAL


Contributed by:  Callingheaven.org

Prologue (please read first)

Of course it is important to be aware of negative occurrences in the world, but blindly staring at it, giving it too much of your attention, feeds it and even empowers it. So, imagining a paradise for a few seconds, and then not give it another thought and consume news and entertainment about war and misery all day, isn't gonna cut it. Let's make the vision of Heaven on Earth as big, durable and palpable as possible. Power is in the numbers and in repetition!

The Call below is more about feeling and visualizing an image of the end result of a realized Heaven on Earth. Feel free to make your own version of it.

A very appropriate quote of Archangel Michaƫl through Celia Fenn:
"In this New Time Cycle, which commences now, this path will take you forward to a pristine and re-birthed Earth. But, this will not happen without your efforts to manifest and create. Now is the time that you were born for, now is the time when you must connect with your Soul and Spirit, and with your deep Passion for Life, and set your intentions and create the kind of Earth that you desire."

The Call

(It is suggested to at least read the Call out loud once before setting the intent. Repeat it 3 times to make the invocation a decree and increase its power)

Click for Safety Pre-Call
I first call my I AM Presence, and request my I AM Presence to protect my sovereignty during this Call and to assure that the Call I am about to do, is only manifested as far as serving the highest good of all concerned.

Heaven on Earth

Think, feel, visualize a heavenly world of peace.

A world full of love, joy, freedom, equality and abundance.

A world in which nature and technology co-exist in harmony.

A world in which animals are respected and cared for.

A world in which institutions and economics exist only to selflessly facilitate.

A world in which all cultural and religious diversity is coveted.

A world in which the unseen benevolent beings in other dimensions show themselves and joyously interact with us.

A world that is lovingly embracing multidimensional reality.

Optionally explicitely state the following:

"I add my vision of Heaven on Earth to the collective bundled energy of the New Earth vision!"

Optionally ask your own I AM THAT I AM, Mother Earth and Archangel Faith to put the energy of your vision and intention to work:

"I ask my own I AM THAT I AM, Mother Earth and Archangel Faith to put my New Earth vision and intention to work with the most loving, creative power that my total multidimensional being is able to contribute at this time!"

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