Assist the Earth's Shift

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ascension STANDARD


Contributed by:  Troika Saint Germain (

Prologue (please read first)

Help Shift the Earth and Yourself by using this powerful Prayer & Invocation. Saint Germain asks that each of us use this Invocation at least ONCE a DAY until the Earth Ascends.

This helps the entire planet to eradicate negativity and assist the Earth with it's own ascension. We are creating the New Earth with our VISION and asking for Divine Assistance for Manifestation. The beneficial effects will accumulate each time. This is also an excellent Prayer & Invocation to be done in small or large groups.

Begin with the Violet Flame Personal Healing on yourself. Then go into the Sacred Chamber of your Heart, Create your Vision for the Earth, For Yourself, and The Golden Age. Use as much detail as possible. Then say this Prayer & Invocation while holding your Vision. (These exact words were given to me by Saint Germain.)

The Call

(It is suggested to at least read the Call out loud once before setting the intent. Repeat it 3 times to make the invocation a decree and increase its power)

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I first call my I AM Presence, and request my I AM Presence to protect my sovereignty during this Call and to assure that the Call I am about to do, is only manifested as far as serving the highest good of all concerned.

Assist the Earth's Shift

"Mighty I Am Presence, Divine Healing Source, The All That Is, The I AM That I AM:

I (We) Envision Beloved Earth and All Life upon Her to be Raised in Frequency and Vibration to the Highest Level possible at this time.

I (We) ask for Your Divine Powers to assist the planet and myself (ourselves) in the Manifestation of this Vision and Desire.

I (We) ask for the assistance of Beloved Jesus, The Blessed Mother, Ascended Master Saint Germain, Quan Yin, Kutumi, El Morya, Djwal Kul, and All other Ascended Masters; Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Metatron, and All the nine choirs of Angels - Angels, Archangels, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Dominations, Thrones, Cherubim, Seraphim; and All Light Beings from on and off planet, to help me (us) achieve Heaven on Earth, with Love, Honor, and Respect among All Beings - Human, Animal, Elemental, Nature and Spirit.

I (We) ask for the Gnomes, Undines, Sylphs, and Salamanders - the Elementals of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire - to help me (us) come into Perfect Balance of your aspects within myself (ourselves) so that the Weather will be in Perfect Harmony. All of the Earth shall have Perfect Balance with the Sun, Moon, and Planets; Clean Water and Air; Abundant Crops, Flowers and Trees; all living in Divine Partnership with Nature.

I (We) ask the Violet Flame to Transmute, within All Humans on Earth, all negativity, undue control, greed, corruption, egotism, poverty, disease, anger, hate and fear, as much as the Law will allow and in respect to the free will of all.
Violet Flame, please transmute Cause and Core for all extreme weather and disasters, both man-made and natural. Turn all lower vibration energy into Divine Balance and Harmony.

Violet Flame, please transmute all that no longer serves me (us). Turn that energy into the frequency of my (our) Higher Self, allowing me (us) to step into that aspect of myself (ourselves).

Beloved Violet Flame, turn all that can be transmuted into the gentle pink light, the ray of unconditional love. Bathe the planet with it now, filling her completely and totally while surrounding her as well. Add now the soft pale blue light of truth, peace, calmness and harmony. Follow with the emerald green ray of prosperity, abundance, radiant health and vital life. Please seal everything with the Gold and Platinum Light of the Christ Consciousness.

Let the Gold and Platinum Light coalesce and mingle with the pink, blue, and green rays, raising the qualities of all to the highest level possible now, that of the Christ Consciousness. Hold these energies and our wishes, desires and intention for Heaven on Earth with peace and prosperity for all, forever and ever.

I (We) ask that this Transmutation and Divine Assistance be Doubled Every Hour until Victory is achieved, and I (We) and Earth are Truly Raised into the 5th Dimension.

I (We) ask for this with the Divine Power of Love.

Thank you, Amen, So Be It and So It Is."

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