Responsibility wishes to emphasize to not take actions related to the information found on the website and service of lightly. In this information we promote the existence of the Spirit World and stimulate interaction with (the higher dimensions of) the Spirit World, but the intentions, choices and actions performed based on this information, by doing Calls or any other way, have serious consequences, and are at all times, everyone's own responsibility.

The goal of the website is to provide means to further spiritual evolution, individually and collectively. The information, in the form of suggested intentions, calls, invocations, decrees, choices and actions, carries within it the potential power to transform lives, transform paradigms, transform society. It can shake worldviews, cause confusion about what is perceived as reality, can alter life circumstances, can even alter after-life circumstances. stresses the importance to read about the concepts used on this website. Read the pages under “Concept” to become aware of the basics of doing Calls, invocations and decrees, and the necessary caution that should be maintained.

This service stimulates awareness, so be aware of the actions you take, and take responsibility for those actions and their consequences. In your soul’s eternal existence, only you are responsible for what you choose to do.

(This text is the spiritual part of our disclaimer. To read the rest of our disclaimer and our other legal stuff, go here)