Spiritual Reality

This platform aims to be as neutral and open as possible, and is open to all truths, but, unavoidably, assumptions are made on what reality is made of and what metaphysical laws govern it. These assumptions are convictions, based on intuition and experiences. Most of these experiences are shared by millions of conscious people around the world, who strongly feel that the sum and coherence of their experiences can only point to this truth. It has become a knowing beyond belief.

The Mind
Many of those people have also learned that although the mind is a powerful and valuable tool, on itself it should never be allowed to have the end say in the determination of what is real and what is not. The mind on its own is not capable to grasp the multidimensional nature of reality. And its need for empiric evidence is a sure formula for spiritual self-imprisonment, for self-imposed dimensional quarantaine. The mind can be our greatest friend after having opened up to other-dimensional realities, but before, it can be our greatest enemy.

A quote by an Ascended Master: "the first step to a greater reality is opening up to its possibility". An open mind, faith, curiosity, patience and development of sensitivity help us in this endeavor. Working with the many energies, mentioned on this platform, increases the sensitivity to energy vibrations, and will build an "empiric feel" of their real nature and context. Multidimensional reality then becomes an felt experience, instead of a remote possibility or observation.

Free Will and Sovereignty
This platform regards a person's free will and sovereignty of the highest importance. It does not wish to impose any concept, and encourages anyone to find their truth in their own sacred heart. If anything within the information on the platform or the calls does not feel right, please distance yourself from it.
(Guatama Buddha: 'Do not believe anything because it is said by an authority, or if it is said to come from angels, or from Gods, or from an inspired source. Believe it only if you have explored it in your own heart and mind and body and found it to be true. Work out your own path, through diligence.')

Basic Reality
Since the platform invites different mediums with different backgrounds and areas of expertise to post Calls, it is very likely different or even opposing views or angles of reality will be presented. The platform wishes to be open and neutral enough to support these different views and angles, but at the same time proposes an alltogether basic spiritual reality framework itself as it forms the basis on which the platform was founded and will keep operating on.

The platform feels that a basic description of this proposed basic spiritual reality is needed:
- to understand the background, mechanism and consequences of doing the Calls
- to use the Calls in a conscious, aware and responsible manner.
Therefore, and trying to be as compact as possible, a list was constructed to describe some of the major pillars of this basic reality framework.

Basic spiritual reality framework pillars:

  • As observing consciousness influences the observed reality, subjective perceptions of reality must therefore impact reality. Thus, subjective truth has a role in the formation of reality. Therefore, all truths should be honored and respected.
  • Everything within Creation consists of energy, as a manifestation of Consciousness. As energy is consciousness, and all is energy, all must be consciousness.
  • The One, Unifiying, All encompassing consciousness must be the Creator. Unity, Love, Truth and Freedom are considered its core attributes.
  • The Creator is named many names. This platform honours all of its names, whether it is Creator, Source, All That Is, Great Spirit, God or Allah. The platform acknowledges the pitfall of name calling, as form clashes with form. And spiritual growth is, amongst other things, believed to be about self-liberation through detachment of form. Nevertheless, verbal communication and cultural context require name calling, and all versions of names are supported by the platform.
  • The nature of Consciousness is characterized by being both unified and diversified. Every conscious being is always part of a greater body, although they may not always be aware of it or be able to perceive it.
  • Creation exists of many dimensions or densities, vibrating at different levels of frequency. The highest dimensions, closest to Source, vibrate at the highest frequency. Each dimension can hold lifeforms, resonating at the dimensional frequency. Our physical reality finds itself in the lowest of dimensions.
  • Lifeforms can live in lower dimensions than the frequency of their own being, but they can not live in higher dimensions than the frequency of their own being.
  • Energy carries information, light is information. Lifeforms can observe dimensions of frequency equal or lower than their own and take in its information, but they can not observe dimensions higher than their own frequency. In other words, they can look down, but not up.
  • Time and space are matrix constructs, limited to the lower dimensions. In higher dimensions they are fluid, non-lineair, circular. The physics in physical reality do not apply to higher non-physical realities.
  • As time is relative, everything happens in an eternal NOW, in which the inbreath and outbreath of the Creator, or contraction and expansion of consciousness, is experienced by every aspect, simultaneously, through descension and ascension within the dimensions of reality. Karma and reincarnation have their role in this, but not in a chronological manner.
  • Every lifeform starts out its existence in Source, as an eternal soul, and descends through the dimensions, slowly densifying into deeper form. First formlessness, then crystalline based, until carbon based in the lowest of dimensions. Ascension is moving in the opposite direction. From carbon based, first into crystalization, then into formlessness.
  • The totality of our being exists in all dimensions of Creation, at the same time. We have an aspect of our Total Self living in every dimension. This means we have an E.T. Self, Master Self, Angel Self, and so on. These higher dimensional Selves are all our Higher Selves. Merging consciousness with our Higher Selves is one of the focus points on the ladder of evolution.
  • Within multidimensional reality, a myriad of lifeforms exists. The beings humans think they imagine most often are not imagined but remembered. Realities depicted by books and films like Star Trek and Lord of the Rings are very real. Magic and advanced technology have existed on Earth, and will return.
  • All prophets and saints the Earth has known have become ascended masters, and many of them are still working together to further unity and love on the Earth and elsewhere, many of them within the Brother- and Sisterhood of Light and the Order of Melchizedek.
  • Free Will exists as a universal law. It is very much limited by the influences of our subconsciousness, our superconsciousness, and external unseen powers, but nevertheless, in its core, we have free will. The more conscious we become, the more freedom we gain, but at the same time the more willing we become to surrender our free will, and feel less urged to deviate from the bigger plan, Creation's Blueprint.
  • We live in extraordinary times on Earth, as the prophesized Ascension Process really is occurring, promising a Golden Age and a Kingdom of God on Earth. The process has long been about inner transformation, but slowly the process is moving outward, breaking down illusions and transforming society. The manner and chaos in which this transformation occurs, can be influenced by the use of our free will and applied collective consciousness.
  • Although this ascension process is special on itself, free will, the depth of duality and the population density on earth make it an extra great challenge, and the successful transition we are slowly making causes many, many eyes throughout this universe to fix on our little blue planet.