Purity & Safety


With greater understanding of reality and its spiritual nature, comes greater responsibility. In becoming more and more spiritualy mature, we become more and more responsible for what we create, and therefore should become more mindful as to what we create. The more you become aware, the more you'll want to create as pure and safe as possible. As the buddhists rightly stress, it is important to purify our thoughts, words and deeds. But as we gain more and more understanding of and access to multidimensional reality, the question also rises, how to approach this multidimensionality in a pure and safe manner, whether we are able to perceive it or not.

We need to understand that our actions have effects beyond our 5-sense reality. Our human selves are just a tiny part of our greater multidimensional selves, and although we can’t perceive this with the 5-senses, we are continuously unconsciously interacting with these unseen realities. With our own other-dimensional selves, but also the selves of other Beings. We also need to understand we can interact with this unseen reality to create effects within our 5-sense reality, even without being psychic or intuitive or high-sensitive. This notion is, obviously, partly what this platform is about. Spiritual growth leads to societal growth. For change, individually or collectively, works through all dimensions. All dimensions of reality function as One, and influence each other, this includes physical reality. People interact with this unseen reality all the time, for example, by praying, or by talking to themselves, which often is a discussion with their own higher selves, tapping into their wisdom.

Another way to interact is by doing invocations, decrees, “calling” other-dimensional beings for a helping hand on specific issues. With more understanding and knowledge of multidimensionality, much more becomes possible, but as the creative power and responsibility increase, one must also become more aware of the light-darkness duality, and pitfalls and risks of doing Calls that focus on other dimensional Beings.
This is not said to create an atmosphere that emphasizes or increases the duality of polarities. Both are needed for Creation to exist, and spiritual growth is for a large part about embracing and integrating both polarities, within ourselves and in our outer reality. Acceptance and non-judgment is a large ingredient of true unconditional love. God loves both the angel and the demon equal, and knowledge learns us, that in the complex and paradoxal reality the angel and the demon could very well be parts of the same multidimensional being, their intentions and behaviour influenced by the frequencies of the dimensions they inhabit. Neutralizing the perception of polarities is the path to Oneness.

But in the “game of Creation” we have a choice. To move towards more Light or to move towards more Darkness. In moving towards more Light, towards higher frequencies, we become more free, more in charge of ourselves. We become more self-nurturing and more selfless, because we find all we need is already within us. In the process of moving towards the Light, there is much help to be found in the involvement of other Lighted unseen Beings. They can help us increase our movement towards more Light. If we ask them, for they are bound by the law of Free Will.

Now, in doing the Calls, the point is to only attract the Beings we want to attract, and not attract Beings we don’t want to attract. Therefore the contents of the Calls need to be informed, focused, clear and precise. With using our Free Will to approach Beings from other dimensions, in a sense we open ourselves up to these dimensions. By framing our intention, our applied free will and the form of the Call correctly, we assure that only that manifests which the framing gives room to. Hence the importance of precision, focus and clarity. So we do not pronunciate Calls like: “to whoever who is out there”. That would obviously be unwise, for it would invite any Being hearing the Call, including those that do not necessarily have your highest good at heart.

This side of reality shouldn’t however be feared, as at some point in their evolution all souls will have to take the step of opening up to multidimensional reality, and get acquainted with the darker elements of Creation. Burying your head in the sand to this is like saying “I want to stay in kindergarten for the rest of my eternal existence.” Of course, understandably, at first they are unpleasant facts to learn, but you get used to it. And the continuous healing and expansion of the heart helps a lot to gain an neutral, fearless perspective.

Christed Consciousness

So, when doing Calls and invoking Spirit Beings, it is important to not be naïve and direct our attention to the right Beings and the right dimensions of reality. Yes, this platform tries to stimulate interaction with the Spirit World, but does definitely not encourages practices such as using the ouija board, which is an open invitation to attract lower-dimensional beings. To assure positive and selfless creation, those we call, need to be beyond the veil of duality, even in the Spirit World. We need to skip the lower dimensions. But what are then the right dimensions? As we and many other people have learned, a rather safe dimension to start with, is the 7th dimension. This is the dimension where Christ Consciousness starts, it is the dimension which frequency allows for the first anchoring and embodiment of the Christ Lightbody. It implies one has gained enough Light integration, acts on heart-based impulses, and has mostly transcended drama en control issues, and not be self-serving anymore. This means we should only call those that remain in the Christed Consciousness. This assures their selfless intent, the overseeing of things, and respecting all concerned agendas. This aligns our joined creation with the Higher Divine Will.

All Calls on CallingHeaven.org are solely focussed on Christed Beings, meaning Spirit Beings that exist in the Christed Dimensions, beyond the Emotional and Mental Dimensions, where Spirit Beings and Extraterrestial Beings, like Humans, have not yet freed themselves enough from drama and control issues to transcend duality and move into Christed Consciousness.

Besides this focus on the Christed Consciousness, another underlying condition with all Calls is that it only gets executed when it is in alignment with the Will of the Soul and Higher Self of the people concerned. This too assures that only that will happen which is in the highest good of all concerned. This aspect also makes sure that, because of their overview, which we don’t have, all personal agenda’s of individual souls are respected. If a soul desires to end its incarnation through some happening in the world, it is not up to people to cross this desire on a personal will level. This is also why it is often much more fruitful to invoke the Christed Beings to direct Light into areas and situations in the World, than to “send light” ourselves in organized meditations and such without involving the Christed Beings, because they can see precisely how much room exists to bring Light into, without interfering with the natural order and flow of things.

A final remark on Christed Consciousness, please do not be trapped into thinking this is solely related to Christianity or Jesus Christ. Throughout the cosmos, christ consciousness is a generic term, referring to cristallized consciousness. Consciousness riped and clear as crystal, one attained milestone on the total path from the carbon towards the diamond. We see this process happen within the Earth to chemical elements under pressure, but it also pertains to the evolution of consciousness. Jesus Christ was an embassador for this evolving consciousness, as were many other known and unknown serving beings. All enlightened ones, saints, prophets and ascended masters throughout history have attained this level of consciousness. And right now, there are more of them incarnated than ever in the history on Earth, living humble lives, silently contributing to the Great Divine Plan, the ascension process.
One more note, the masters tell us that in attaining the first level in Christ Consciousness (at the 7th dimension), only means you have walked about 10% of the evolutionary path. So enlightenment is like leaving Kindergarten :-) Another quote: The cosmos has more to be experienced than a soul can experience in its eternal existence. So, the remaining 90% seems like an adventure to look forward to. :-)

I AM Presence

Although invoking Beings of at least 7th dimensional (christed) consciousness is rather safe, to be really fully secure, the safest bet is on calling one's own I AM Presence or I AM THAT I AM, our Source/God Self beyond duality, beyond the first 12 dimensions of Creation. That is why CallingHeaven.org has chosen to add to each Call, a clause that everone’s own I AM Presence should concur that the Call is beneficial to you and all involved. For more information on I AM THAT I AM and the clause , read here.