Although invoking Beings of at least 7th dimensional (christed) consciousness is rather safe, as they are the Masters who have our highest good at heart, to be really fully secure, the safest bet is in including one's own I AM Presence or I AM THAT I AM in the Calls we do.

Our I AM Presence or I AM THAT I AM is our Source/God Self beyond duality, beyond the first 12 dimensions of Creation. The first 12 dimensions of Creation are on itself like a microcosmos reflecting the cosmos as a whole. 13-dimensional consciousness has a perspective from outside of the cosmos, which needs duality to gain its form, its space-time locality and densification of energy. This perspective therefore has no blind spots, it has the detached clarity to see the Truth, see through the duality fields within the cosmos without its lens being affected by it.

As we understand, the ongoing Ascension Process centers around the notion of eventually grounding the AM THAT I AM consciousness on Earth through embodiment. This Truth, this clarity is represented by the 13th dimension, the diamond frequency. One of the core aspects of the Ascension Process therefore, is the influx of diamond frequencies, which has been occurring for a few years now (after dec. 2012), and is slowly transforming the human collective consciousness, and society as a reflection of that. It is this diamond energy that introduces the New Golden Age, in which Divine Truth can exists on Earth, in which our 5-sense illusionary matrix ceases to exist, and in which multidimensionality becomes an everyday experience. We become knowing, instead of believing.

Safety Pre-Call
Callingheaven.org on one hand seeks to contribute to the promotion of spiritual reality and the interaction with other dimensions. On the other hand, it is our desire to do this in the most pure and safe way possible. This is why this information is shared and integrated in the Calls, in the form of the optional so-called Safety Pre-Call, right above every Call on the platform. It is our desire that we as humans, while we open ourselves to spiritual, multidimensional reality, we also, at the same time, shed a naivety about dual aspects of this reality, and learn to understand and embrace the power that lies in clear, precise, informed intent. We are protected by our intent, our free will, but not when we apply it in an uninformed, unclear, lazy manner. Of course, learning that, is an intrinsical part of evolution, reaching for increasingly purified consciousness.

For many years, people on the spiritual path have blindedly trusted their guides in the Spirit World, until learning that many of those guides too are still in duality, even in the lowest of dimensions (3rd, 4th, 5th). Then they got into telepathic contact with E.T. beings (5th, 6th), giving them advice and telling them humans can have the same enlightened civilisation as they have, only too find out they too have blind spots, and drama and control issues. Then they learned that who you can really trust for sure is your own Higher Self. Being a higher part of you, it must know what is best for you and wishes you only the best, right? However, "Higher Self" is such a generic term that it applies to all of our Selves in higher dimensions (5th, 6th, etc..), who themselves also have blind spots and no oversight beyond their own dimensional consciousness. Then we learned, well, the Ascended Masters and Angels then, they are a sure bet! And they are, for the most part, as they have integrated the Christ Consciousness, and will consciously do what is for the highest good of all. But, they too are not without blind spots, as they still do not have the oversight beyond the 12 dimensions. The higher in dimensional consciousness you grow, the easier it becomes to look the Truth about one's own duality in the eyes, as love, neutrality and understanding of Creation's mechanics help to stop resisting it. This is why an Ascended Master once said, very honest about its own duality: Call upon your I AM THAT I AM to be sure of a full non-duality perspective.

The above is not written as an argument to stop trusting guides, E.T. beings, Masters and Angels, it is written to make a point of become discerning. If any help, advice, suggestion or information carries any hint of judgment, free will limitation, lack of love and wisdom, cutting off access to higher frequencies, or causing disbalance or division, disregard it. We can also not generalize, every being is unique and has unique challenges, qualities and blind spots. On top of that, Creation is also a game of task delegation. Many good-willed beings are just, as best as they can, executing assignments received from their higher-dimensional selves, teacher and leaders, who themselves in turn do the same, and this goes on all the way to the highest dimensions, where the creator beings perform the tasks of the One Creator, Source.

Considering all of this, this platform does suggest, and tries to limit itself to, the calling of beings with at least the Christed Consciousness, such as the Masters and Angels, in combination with using the Safety Pre-Call.
In the E.T. dimensions above the Earth plane, there is just too much uncertainty and complexity as it transitions from the deepest of duality, where we are, towards the christed dimensions. And, those E.T.'s that have the highest good at heart and wish to see the Ascension Process on Earth to be a success, are performing tasks, given to them by Masters and Angels, anyway. Not to oversimplify things, it should be mentioned that there are Masters present within E.T. civilizations, as civilizations can span multiple dimensions. What matters is the attainment of at least 7-dimensional consciousness of the beings we call.

While becoming discerning, we should also watch out not to become fearful, paranoia or apathetic, just out of worry we might do or attract something that is not in our highest interest. Ascended Masters have said it is within everyone's reach to gain enlightenment within ten years of disciplined spiritual work. Just don't expect to walk this path unscathed. With every few steps up, you'll take a step down once in a while, and grow in wisdom because of it.

That is why CallingHeaven.org has chosen to add to each Call, this clause, this Safety Pre-Call, so that everone’s own I AM Presence can control and concur that the Call is beneficial to you and all involved, and all called beings, from whatever dimension, are forced to work within the frame allowed by the I AM THAT I AM of the one who does the Call.

This recent channelling captures beautifully the essence of I AM THAT I AM, so it is posted here.

Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel: I AM


I AM. You are – as a finite being, identified with thoughts about what you ARE – not.

I AM is not what you think. I AM begins when your vibration rises above the frequency of thought and even the Higher Mind and the total body-mind that is the cosmos. I AM is not even the frequency of the stillness of the heart in the middle of your chest. Because it is bound to a location that is body based and belongs to the mortal human psycho-physical structure.

I AM is the untouched Radiant Beauty of Transcendental and Eternal Being, prior to you and also containing you, who keeps a separate point of view, with a center and a circumference.

I AM is center-less. It Is. It is therefore ‘above’ point of view and its ramifications.

Above: not locally above, but above as the non-dual reality.

Many of you only think ‘I AM,’ identified with a finite body-mind and ‘think’ that you ‘know’ what It is. But the truth is, most of you know nothing beyond mind. You merely have an idea, an intuition perhaps, a feeling about it. And what you do is to project this idea from your presumed center within the circumference, thereby creating an imagination.

Most of you are submitted to random thought patterns, suggesting you are in touch with the Real Source. But this is not so. There are veils after veils of mind disguising Me. And so you are bereft of your own Truth and Divine Reality, creating ideas of want and need about matters of ascension, ideas that would hopefully make ineffective the pain and suffering of this existence in low density. It is a hopeful escape.

Escaping the un-real creates more un-real worlds, as escaping itself is a gesture of illusion. You cannot escape, not one situation, because you always take with you what you desire to escape! It is done with the desperate hope not to have to deal with what you escape.

But what you try to escape is always something that belongs to you intimately. Be it your karma or your unwanted belief-systems, experiences, and so on. All of that IS yours, part of the work you wanted to explore and to know in this density …. and to transcend it, sooner or later.

So as you don’t like what you see here, you escape into the idea of ‘I AM,’ imagining that you have realized it, that you have BECOME IT. But as long as you seek to escape any experience instead of fully accepting and embracing it and transcending it into unconditional love, you cannot and will not truly know ‘I AM.’

I AM arises naturally as the Reality of Divine Radiant Source-Existence, when you have entirely surrendered all of your experiences, high and low, because they have no binding effect on you, as you fully have relinquished your identification with and re-action to them.

I AM is not based on a point with a circumference that you call ‘I.’ It is not based on a separate entity. I AM is not the ‘I’ thought of that finite entity you are identified with. Because ‘I AM’ is not mortal, it is not mind-based.

Although ‘I AM’ Is Everything, It does not think at all. It is free of imagination and duality, desire and any idea about something. It is not an object you can think of or observe. As long as you observe, locate or look at ‘I AM,’ It remains an idea, a hopeful wish to have realized IT already. And that you are enlightened and have no more work to do.

Such is the delusion many of you are falling for, because of exotic and false ideas of New Age teachings.

There I AM is nothing but an enlarged ego-thought, a grandiose idea of false Divinity where you are not required to do the real work to realize your highest Truth, but instead you are stalled, lost in fantasy land. It is a deception to keep you from growing truly into Me, your True Self, to Know and Be I AM, untouched by thought’s beliefs, concepts and thereby separate notions.

I AM merely My Realm of Perfect Happiness and Unconditional Love. This Truly Is I AM. I AM not separate from you, and you not separate from Me in Truth. You Are. Thoughtless.

Beloveds, please understand that because of Love I desire your true Awakening in Me, to see you Grow and not to be stuck in the prisons of senseless doctrines that do not serve your Divine Nature, keeping you in the illusions of mind and limitation.

I AM your True Nature, Free and Radiant Bliss, All-Love. I AM.

I AM your God-Self.

Message conveyed by Ute Posegga-Rudel, October 28, 2016. Copyright© 2016. All rights reserved.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yEOh4uA03g