I have signed up for the Call Alert, but didn't receive any mail.

Please check your spambox and/or unwanted mail folders. Also, whitelist our sender email address so future email will not end up in there. If it has gone into your spam inbox, please mark it "No Spam", to protect the email address' reputation.

I just set an intention and a short message, but the counter and statistics did no go up, my message did not appear, and no marker appeared on the world map.

The platform makes heavy use of caching, so changes are not immediately visible. The system refreshes multiple times a day.

I like your platform! How can I help?

Thanks! :-) Please check out the Join page, and see what you can do. Right now, we are just starting, and we are in great need of financial support, social media marketing efforts and technical support (mainly server management and app development).

Can I contribute Calls?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not accept suggested Calls. For now, we rely on a network of people we are in contact with who provide calls, consisting of volunteering friends and invited mediums.

I have sent you an e-mail, but am not getting a response?

Please be patient, the platform is still operating at a very small scale.
Incoming communications through the contact form is handled as fast as possible.

Can I perform Calls for other specific individuals?

You can, but it is not appropriate and you really shouldn't. It works best to perform Support Calls on each own self, so guide others to do it themselves. The Service Calls are purposefully generic and focusses on the collective or groups, not specific individuals. If someone is not able to do it themselves, make sure you have his/her informed consent and their Higher Selves agreement. Also make sure you are acting from love, and not your will or desire to change or control something outside of yourself that might not be yours to change or influence.

I keep reading about the term "lightworker". Am I a lightworker?

Everyone who decides to be a lightworker, is a lightworker! Being a lightworker just means one is prepared to integrate and anchor higher light frequencies, and takes action. This can be in any way that brings more love into our reality. Through your intent, focus and visualization. Through your focus on spiritual growth. Through being of service to the community. Through your daily attitude towards others. Or through participating in individual and collective healings, in Calls or meditations. So don't be in doubt, everyone is as adept at doing the Calls as everyone else!