Read about experiences we received from people doing the Calls!

Have you done yourself one or more Calls on the Callingheaven.org platform, and have had special experiences as a result of it? Like awakenings, life changes, apparent synchronicities, energy sensations, visions or contact with other-dimensional beings? We'd love to hear about them! Share them here and inspire others to participate and do the Calls as well!

Jan 23, 14:20
- K.T. (Zutphen, Netherlands)

When I did the Call for Syria, I saw and felt a pink cloud coming out of my heart, moving above Syria, and gently falling down on the country like pink rain.

Jan 21, 19:58
- U.B. (Rhenen, Netherlands)

I had a remarkable experience when seeing Callingheaven's logo, the pyramid on the frontpage! The moment I saw it, I felt an energy light up in the center of my body, like a radiant sun including both my heart chakra and solar plexus. From this light arose an upward stream aligning my central axis. Intuitively I moved up my arms and hands to reach for my connection to my own source. In this powerful field a download started. Within a column of white light, packages with diamond codes came down into me. The logo's pyramid helped anchoring and balancing this download, grounding the received energy and codes through my earth connection.

Jan 12, 13:01
- M.L. (Zutphen, Netherlands)

I love calling the Ray energies while meditating! They feel great and always give me a great frequency boost ! :-)