This platform is only a medium

It has been said that technology will play a huge role in the advancement of humankind into a 5-dimensional society, and probably no one will argue the benefits that information technology has brought so far in connecting and informing people through internet and social media. It is a beautiful thing that a website such as this can act as a practical medium between human intent and the Spirit World, but of course it is only a medium, the real communication and manifesting of these calls really happen directly between the individual and the Beings of Light, especially our own I AM THAT I AM, that are registering our intentions through the thoughts we send out. So when we sincerely set our intention by pressing the big buttons below the calls mentioned on this website, we enter into an interaction with these Beings and the Cosmos as a whole.

Potential creative force

However, these intentions and calls can vary in their potential creative force, depending on various factors, which are stated below. The point of sharing this is to not let the mechanism of this website as a medium let you limit yourself in maximizing the power of your intent, but preferably kickstarting in empowering that intent. Only then the goal of this website is achieved, for it seeks to maximize the power of our collective intent, which obviously does not stop with pressing the big buttons and contributing to the increase of the counters in this website.

A low threshold

One of the main goals of this platform is to maintain a low threshold to participate. For example, often lightworkers organize mass meditations and often many would want to participate, but don't, because of prior engagement and obligations, or because of having trouble meditating. When they then do not participate but also not set an intent, it is sort of waste creative force. This platform aims that all people, meditating or not, can easily and quickly participate, just by setting one's intent, after reading a Call. This can go as fast as opening the App or a Call Alert subscription email on your smartphone, clicking the link, reading the Call, and setting the intent, by pressing the the website button, or by just setting it in your heart and mind, sending out your thought, which is then registered, and in case of Service Calls, added to the field of collective intent. This is only a couple of minutes. Although it is of course encouraged to empower the intent (and in case of Support Calls your personal evolution will surely profit from it), the minimum of setting the intent, costing a few seconds, will suffice to participate.

The power of our intent

So, the power of our intent can vary, depending on various factors. The more explicit the Call is being brought into expression, the stronger the energy becomes to create the form of the Call, and create the space for the invoked Spirit Beings to intervene. Simply stated, the more the intention is put into form, the greater chance the creation is put into form. The stronger the structure of the Call, the stronger the crystallization of its manifestation.

Empowering factors:

Obviously it all starts with sincerity. Do you mean what you intent? Do you realize what it could set in motion, and do you accept its consequences? Do you consciously choose to follow up on whatever actions are required from you to support the manifestation of your intent?

Love and Personal power
Your love and personal (will-)power are the essential fuel for your intent to manifest. Their strength put into the intent reflect why do you want it and how much do you want..

Clarity and Precision
Intentions (and the Calls they are based on) need to be clear and precise, otherwise it stays ungrounded, floating like an etheric cloud, not fully coming into form. It is often felt in the amount and strength of energy when called upon. It is like a design or a blueprint of a building, it better be detailed and adhering to the natural laws that govern it. Or like a business plan, presented to a bank to get a startup loan, that is judged by the amount of realism and detail you have put into. This is also why knowledge is of importance, otherwise, without the basic know-how, it lacks precision and remains ungrounded.

Attention and focus
Obviously many of these factors go hand in hand, and the same goes for the attention and focus you put into your intention. Can you concentrate your vision enough to the one targeted form? For example, if you want a tree to manifest, do you visualize a specific tree, or do you lightly see ten different trees, not making up your mind how your tree is supposed to look like?

To visualize the desired form helps the form to come into being. If we all intent Earth to become a Paradise for example, visualizing greatly enhances the vision to manifest.

Thinking out loud
There are different degrees of creating thought forms in our head (or actually our mental body). Do you hide your thought or do you shout out your thought, for the whole universe to hear it? The louder and more structured the thought form, the stronger and more grounded its creative potential.

Reading, supported by the previous factors, also aids in its empowering, because the intention has already been put into form, into existing words.

Stronger than thinking out loud or reading is writing your thoughts down, putting it into words is really putting it into form and into lasting physical existence.

Saying/Reading out loud
Just like writing it, saying or reading it out loud, giving sound to it, has an extra effect, and is even stronger when you have written the words yourself before reading it out loud.

And singing it is again stronger than just reading it out loud, singing is the language of the soul, and helps manifesting beyond mental structure. This is why there are many singing decrees and mantra's going around.

And dancing, supporting previous methods can also help, for this brings the power of the intent, beyond the thought, even beyond the word, into the physical through body experience.

Meditation obviously strongly helps, because it combines and endures the elements of concentration, focus and perhaps visualization.

As a group
The synergy that is created within a group setting a specific and coherent intent (like doing a Call together), has a creative potential that is stronger than the sum of the individual intent of its participants.

Whether you are thinking, reading, saying it out loud, writing, singing, dancing or meditating, the more you repeat, the stronger the manifesting energy becomes. Spirit Beings often suggest to repeat decrees multiple times for exactly this reason. Preferrably three times, as it represents the Power of Three, a high-level vibration, turning an invocation into a decree.

Ritual and Ceremony
After heaving read all before factors/methods, it will not be surprising that ritual and ceremony are very strong ways to empower intent, for they often combine many of the mentioned practices. For example, imagine a group with a like-minded focus, dancing and repeatingly sing a self created decree, and you'll understand the power of combining these practices.