What did Gandhi mean by "Be the change you want to see in the world?"
He meant: "If you want to change the world, change your consciousness." is a new intention collecting platform, that focuses on using our divine creative potential through the use of our intent. This is done by involving the Christed Beings in the Spirit World, including our own Higher Being, to assist in our individual and collective spiritual evolution, and to assist in dealing with the current increasing earth changes, due to the ongoing ascension process. In this way together we can raise the human collective consciousness through massive cooperation between humans and the Spirit World, and at the same time seeking to undergo the global transformation with as much ease and grace as possible. Of course these Spirit Beings are already greatly involved in the earth changes, but only to a certain degree as they are bound by higher decree, blueprint and karmic law. However, there is a unlimited space beyond these limits in which they can be much more involved, but that requires us using our free will to open up that space for these Beings to move into, to be of greater service to us, and to themselves, for we are all One.

Practically, that requires an organized way to
1. reach as many people as possible and form a collective force to bundle our creative power,
2. become better informed on possibilities and on sometimes somewhat technical aspects of spiritual evolution (which is done through the Calls), and
3. exerting our Free Will and setting our intent. aims to provide a platform for this, in coöperation with lightworkers throughout the world, offering their metaphysical knowledge, experience and telepathic connections to the Spirit World, all of this being poured into valuable “Calls” on which visitors of the website can base their intentions, if they so choose.

This quote captures the value and necessity of Calling beautifully, in "asking for Divine Intervention":

“Through our I AM Presence, we were well aware of the Universal Laws governing the evolution of the Sons and Daughters of God. We knew that in order for something to manifest in the physical plane, it must be invoked or asked for through the free will choice of someone existing in the physical plane. With this inner knowing, we clearly understood that in order for us to transform the Earth and all her Life into the infinite perfection of the New Earth, we must be abiding in the physical plane. This is what is meant by the words, “God needs a body.” No matter how much our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven want to help us lift out of the horrific situations we have created, they will not interfere with our free will. But once we lift our heads above the mud puddle of our human miscreations and ask for Divine Intervention, the floodgates of Heaven open in response to our heartfelt pleas.” (Patricia Diane Cota Robles, source)



Before we get further into the concept, consider the following two quotes from the Spirit World:

I AM THAT I AM: "Understand we have the power to change your world into a paradise within a second. However, you have Free Will, the initiative lies with YOU."

Ascended Master Hilarion (during the Japan crisis in 2011): "Keep calling us to assist you. It can make a great difference in how many people are found alive in the debris."

Now, imagine the following scenario’s:

1. Somebody somewhere in the World is a strong believer. His heart and mind are set on spiritual growth, but his knowledge on how to achieve this, besides of being a good and loving person, is limited. He uses some Calls on individual spiritual evolution, and with that creating space for his Spirit Guides to become much more active and create the circumstances in this person’s life that puts him on an accelerated life path and propel his spiritual evolution greatly.

2. Some natural disaster occurs in the world. The news reaches this platform, and the new Call is quickly added to The New Call Alert is immediately send out to all subscribers, and they all go to this platform and set their intent, and spread the word through their social media contacts, to get other people to do the same.

Do you realize the potential of this? This can open up an enormous space for the Spirit Beings to “come down from Heaven” and assist in these matters to raise consciousness and alleviate suffering. We must understand that the sky really is the limit. If we would for example get organised enough to “call” with millions of people to the Spirit Beings to clean the air, the water and the soil, it would make much, much difference. And to conclude the examples with the most extreme case, if the whole of humanity would “call” for Earth to be instantly transformed into a Paradise, it would instantly be so.. however unbelievable that may sound..


Basic concept of the Call

People often don’t realize the true extent of their creative power, and the enormous amount of possibilities there are to be utilized to speed up our spiritual evolution and improve our well-being. With the right knowledge and focus, every person on Earth can truly reach enlightenment within ten years instead of hundreds or even thousands of incarnations. Often through lack of understanding how it works or lack of belief and confidence that it does work, people don’t make use of this. A large part of spiritual evolution is just a matter of raising the vibration of our own energy field and consciousness, while staying well-grounded. The way to do this, is to tap into the higher frequencies available to us, and use them to transform ourselves. There is no shortage of energy in the Universe or help to direct it our way or assist us on our path, but it requires conscious intent to bring it into form and into our existence. In other words, we have to apply our free will and use our Godgiven power to create, and that includes taking the initiative to apply for help from the Spirit World. We are asked by our Spirit Guides and many other Spirit Beings to make use of their help. They ask us to ask them to help us, because they can not intervene without us using our free will, our initiative, our intent.

And it is this intent, stating our will, either as an affirmation to ourselves or focussed on these Beings (including our own Higher Being) to act in some way to assist us, that has been named a “Call” on this platform. This “Call” needs to be interpreted in the most broad sense, for it is meant to include all forms of interaction with the Spirit World, whether you would call it an intention, a request, a prayer, a decree or an invocation. And although we might not always be aware of it, forces are always registering these expressions. Of course in the first place our own self, our own Total, Multidimensional Self, but also other beings, such as our guides and guardian angels, and of course the beings that are being called. Calls can be used as affirmation, declaration, or request for assistance, to beings or just energies. It is important that in this “Calling”, we accept and embrace our own greatness, our sovereignty and true equality to the Beings we invoke. The only difference between them and us is that they are on the other side of the veil and exist in non-physical bodies. We are all equal children of God, no matter where we stand on the evolutionary ladder, and the Spirit Beings we interact with wouldn’t want to be approached in any other way. Obviously, this principle is of importance not only with respect to “Calling” them, but in general concerning our selfimage as humans, as a spiritually maturing civilization, becoming more aware of the divine nature of all things within the One Consciousness.


Two types of Calls

The Calls are divided into two categories: Service Calls en Support Calls.

- Service Calls are Calls that are in service to the collective, and mostly focus on the spiritual evolution of humanity and society on Earth, as well as the Earth itself (and all life on Earth). These Calls will also be used as a response to specific climat or societal happenings as a result of the global transformation.

- Support Calls focus mostly on the individual spiritual evolution, where we request support on specific aspects within our personal consciousness and on circumstances in our lives. However, of course all healing, evolution and light integration you receive individually, also uplifts the collective consciousness, so in working on yourself with these Calls, you are indirectly also servicing the collective consciousness. That is why it is said: "The greatest gift you can give to mankind, is your own enlightenment".

Calls can have four statuses: normal, new, trending (going popular) and viral (going crazy popular). Timed Calls are Calls we do together simultaneously, to increase their strength. Timed and Viral Calls are sent through the Call Alert subscription mailinglist to which anyone can subscribe to.

It is important to realize that the creative potential of our intention when doing a Call, can vary, depending on how much effort we put into it. The more explicit and the more often a Call is being done, the stronger the energy becomes to materialize the Call into form. Read more on this on the Empowerment page.


We are our own saviours

Since Creation is all about coöperation and interdependance, invoking other Beings to assist us is a very natural thing. Throughout Creation beings are assisted and guided by other beings from higher dimensions. It is the way of the evolutionary ladder of consciousness. Einstein rightly said: "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." Convictions and ideas like "we should help ourselves" or "doing invocations withholds us from empowering ourselves" are greatly limiting us. Darker forces within the lower dimensions and within our own subconsciousness ("little ego voices") try to impose an isolational attitude, "cocooning us", to not appeal to higher frequencies, as they form a threat to their existence and power over us. There is much to be gained by allowing and attracting higher energy frequencies into our dimension, without them being in the way of our learning or karma resolving. In fact, they greatly support it. These frequencies help us understand, heal, transform, transmute, detach, transcend and finally ascend. That is why the Ascended Masters and Archangels keep stressing the value of Calling them, collaborating with them.

Obviously, this "Calling" is not meant to hand over the wheel, skip life lessons, or to lay back and be rescued. This is not the case, and will never be the case. It is about taking responsibility for ourselves, for the Earth, while at the same opening ourselves to this greater reality. It is about consciously tapping the potential of universal powers, both physically and metaphysically. It is about initiating choices and actions, that will save ourselves, while allowing ourselves to be helped, on our own request. Humanity is the project leader on "project Heaven on Earth", and the Heavenly Beings await our request to assist in the project, and it would be very unwise to not use their assistance.

But again, it must be emphasized, their assistance should not lead to just leaning on their help, but to inspire and encourage us to be pro-actively more willing and more conscious about our personal spiritual growth. The Calls can be of great help, but they should not be used solely, without any other spiritual practice. A full-spectrum attitude towards spiritual growth includes many full-time efforts, such as:

- spiritual vigilance (conscious living)
- continuous self-observing
- keeping a mental constructive attitude
- being as loving and truthful as one can be
- be gentle, forgiving and patient towards yourself, self-love is key
- detachment
- letting go of fear of death
- letting go of judgment
- treat everyone and everything as God
- be of service
- taking responsibility, displaying no victim behaviour
- learning to live by the impulses of the higher self instead of the lower self.
- keeping grounded, healthy balancing all aspects of life

Any Call that raises frequential vibration, has little permanent advantage, when not supported by an emotional, mental and spiritual attitude that supports in maintaining the embodiment of new higher frequencies.