Here you can read selected channeled messages from the Spirit World specifically underlining the concepts used on the platform, about calling / invoking the spirit world, our multidimensionality and the use of our (collective) creative power. Passages in these channelings that are exceptionally touching the core concept of the platform, have been emphasized.

"In this New Time Cycle, which commences now, this path will take you forward to a pristine and re-birthed Earth. But, this will not happen without your efforts to manifest and create. Now is the time that you were born for, now is the time when you must connect with your Soul and Spirit, and with your deep Passion for Life, and set your intentions and create the kind of Earth that you desire."
Source: Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

2016-12-18:  You Are a Conscious Inviter and Portal  (Peggy Black)
2016-12-18:  Hilarion's Message, October 23, 2016  (Marlene Swetlishoff)
2016-12-19:  Fulfilling Your Needs With the Intentions of Your Soul  (Natalie Glasson)