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  • CERN

    Source: Inscension
    Type: Spirit World   |   Mar 27, 13:15

    Some time ago, during meditation, our spiritual guidance showed us the danger CERN currently poses. We were shown how its generated fields are going deep into the Earth, damaging inner Earth on a multidimensional level.

    I decided to do a spread of the Fukushima Call on Facebook, and over 100 people set their intent! Afterwards, during meditation, we asked our spiritual guidance if the intentions would make any difference, and they said yes. They showed the bundled intentions together forming a holographic net around CERN, with which the involved Ascended Masters and Angelic beings would get to work with :-)


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  • The platform is LIVE !

    Type: Platform Update   |   Jan 21, 11:30

    Dear visitor,

    finally, after a lot of work, is LIVE !! The concept has been with me for years, but I did not find the space-time to manifest it sooner.

    I am proud to present to you this platform, which I hope will have a great impact and create a powerful momentum, helping us propel into the next level of cosmic collective consciousness. The Spirit World has often nugded me to create an international platform, and I finally have :-)

    I hope you will have as much profit and fun as I have doing the Calls, invoking the Spirit World, enjoying the energies, feeling more high-frequent and just plain better because of it, and walk the Earth more lightfooted while being well-grounded.

    I'd like to share that during meditation, a few days before going live, an esteemed party from the Spirit World entered the living room. Mother Earth (Lady Gaia), Archangels Michaƫl and Faith, and Master Hilarion and Lady Master Angelica came to bless and infuse the platform and its logos.

    On a technical note, the platform is still somewhat in beta, several mechanisms (mainly caching, call counters and demographics) still have to prove themselves under pressure.

    If you feel inclined to help, be it technically, financially or marketing wise, your help is very welcome! Thanks in advance! :-)

    Much love,
    Maxim Lazet

    Inscension Foundation
    The Netherlands

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