Ascension Process

What is the Ascension Process? Obviously, this a main theme of this platform and therefore should be adressed. Millions people not just believe but KNOW the Ascension Process really is occurring, and is changing the Earth and the people in a rapid fashion. In short, Ascension is the Transcendence of the Self, The Rising in Consciousness, expanding towards higher planes of existence. Which can be both an individual and a collective process.

In 2008, Tom Thayer brought forth a rather accurate, timeless description of what the Ascension Process is, read below. There is much to be read about the process. For more information, you can always google for it, but always be discerning.

Tom Thayer on Ascension

Ascension – what does this mean? What are we talking about when we say we are going to ascend to a higher dimension? We will move into a higher vibration of light and energy, a higher dimension. We will move forward, upwards into the Age of Aquarius, the Golden Age.

But more than this, it is you going home where your heart is. You are returning to Love, the Love of your Creator, and the Love of your twin flame that is always reflected to you, the Love that the Creator has for just you. This wonderful opportunity is for all who make the choice. After you make the choice to follow this Spirit Path you need to ask for the help of your Guides and other team members. They will help you on this journey.

Free will is one of the most important laws of the Universe. No one will ever force you; it has to be your free will choice. Once you ask, there are many who are here to help you. If you choose and ask for the help with the Amazing Grace that has been sent for this special time, you cannot fail. You will move forward along with everyone else and Mother Earth to the Golden Age of Love and Peace. We are moving into a higher vibration and a higher dimension, where there is Unity Consciousness.

Unity Consciousness is knowing that all life is a part of One, that all life is sacred and from Creator Source. Those who choose the Spirit Path are choosing to live in the light. Darkness cannot exist in the light. There is no dark or negative in the higher vibrations where we and the Earth are going.

We have a chance now, like never before, to ascend with our bodies – to ascend to higher vibrations where we will never need money, where there is no fear, no death, no sickness, no pain, no sorrow, no separation from loved ones or feelings of separation from our Creator. There are no feelings of not fitting in or belonging, just of being loved. The door is open to all. There are none who have ever wandered so far from the light that they cannot join with all and make the journey.

Most life forms on earth are going along with us for the journey. The weather will moderate and the environment will be hospitable to all life forms. The air and water will be pure and abundant. You will choose your own pursuits and endeavors. You will experience true freedom of personal expression as all things will be done in Love. There will be peace, freedom, respect and love for all life on Earth.

The journey there includes a lot of wonderful changes within us and a few which will cause some discomfort. All of our different aspects will be integrated. We will blend with our God-Self or Spirit. All of our bodies will function as one: spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric, and physical. All of our chakras will be fully activated and totally based in Love. The two hemispheres of our mind – male and female – will be reconnected. This will help eliminate the duality of 3D.

Our lower chakras will be de-activated, we will not need these that have been the source of our survival mechanism. Our sexuality will not disappear, but move to the higher chakras. (Ed. This platform does not support these two statements)

We will have all 13 strands of our DNA reactivated and complete. We have been living here in 3D with only two strands of DNA, which is the bare minimum to support life. Our Ego will be lovingly silenced and this will end our duality and separation from consciousness. We will regain our connection with everything.

The road to Ascension may seem rocky at times. You will need to resolve all of your fear-based issues. You cannot take them with you. You will have the discomfort of what is known as Galactic Ascension Syndrome – G.A.S. It can feel like many different physical discomforts, such as feelings in the heart area. If you feel awful enough go to your Doctor. He may not be able to diagnose what is wrong. Then you will know it is just the Ascension changes within you. You will be experiencing adjustments to your entire body at times.

The few discomforts will be nothing compared with what life will be like in the higher energies of Love and Abundance. The pains along the path will have a tendency to move you along to reach higher and higher until you reach your goal and reward. The Joy of returning home to your Family and the Love from Source cannot even be described.

The platform wishes to add and emphasize, as the spirit beings also do, we will not leave the third dimension, we will not leave the physical body or the physical Earth. Moving into higher dimensions means expanding our beings' consciousness into higher dimensions while also remaining in our current, physical, third dimension. We will be embodying and experiencing multiple dimensions at the same time, and witness how the light frequencies of these higher dimensions will enter the third dimension more and more, slowly changing the duality of the third dimension.