Timed Calls

Join in on timed Service Calls

This page lists the Service Calls scheduled to be done together simultaneously on a certain date and time. The more intentions are set, the more power a Call gains, but even more power is gained when done together at the same time! The Higher Spirit World then collects this timed bundled energy and puts it to use on the Call's subject! This joined intent resembles a collective meditation, but unlike meditation, it only takes a few moments of your time, so it shouldn't be an obstacle to participate, whatever you are doing :)

Focus Mode
10 minutes before and after every Timed Call all platform visitation is redirected to the focus page, where a countdown occurs up to the moment of the Timed Call. In this period of time (an hour), the entire platform will focus solely on that Call, to focus our intent and gather more participants to increase its creative potential (and to spare our servers :)

There are currently no Timed Calls planned.