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Don't we all really want the same thing? To live in peace, freedom, harmony and abundance? What is it that is really stopping us? If reality is indeed spiritual by nature, how can we ever really achieve all we want without involving this spiritual nature of reality?

When we open ourselves to spiritual and multidimensional reality and our own divine, eternal nature, and start realizing our unlimited creative potential, all that is left to do, is to organize ourselves and bring together our intentions. It is the power of our collective intent that changes the world. Callingheaven.org is a platform for just that. A next-generation platform for collecting intentions, that involves multidimensional reality, where the true solutions can be found for real, lasting, positive change in the world.

There are unseen forces in the world that use the manifesting power of focussing the collective consciousness to try and lower humanity's vibrational frequency. It is up to us to focus the collective consciousness towards high-vibrational concepts, through the explicit expression of our loving intentions. So, what are your intentions?

Creation is a joint effort, we need each other to make it work. That means coöperation is necessary, but not just between us humans.. with the Spirit world and other life forms as well. Which means we should seek contact and interaction with these beings that exist beyond the veil of duality and illusion in our physical dimension, and co-create together with them. Ascended Masters, Angels, and many other lightbeings from many dimensions are patiently waiting for us to open to their reality and call upon them to help us in our spiritual evolution, heal humanity, heal the planet, and transform our societal structure into a higher dimensional paradise society. We are now in a transition period into a new era. This transition is unavoidably chaotic, while at the same time the veils to the Spirit World are slowly being pulled away. There is much we can do to smoothen this transformation process and accelerate positive change. One of the most valuable things to do, is to consciously involve the greater spiritual powers that oversee our transition, but are not allowed to help us without us using our free will to CALL for them, and set our intent. Our initiative is required.

This platform carries this dream and aims for a massive cooperation between Humanity and the Spirit World. This is the intent of Callingheaven.org. The angels say: DREAM BIG. So let's dream big. Together. Let's Call Heaven! Will you participate?

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"In this New Time Cycle, which commences now, this path will take you forward to a pristine and re-birthed Earth. But, this will not happen without your efforts to manifest and create. Now is the time that you were born for, now is the time when you must connect with your Soul and Spirit, and with your deep Passion for Life, and set your intentions and create the kind of Earth that you desire."
Source: Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn


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